High-quality data management ensures long-term success

Even the best CRM system can only attract and retain loyal customers if the data provided to it is current, accurate and relevant. For your investment to contribute quickly and sustainably to the success of your business, you’ll need to institute long-term, professional data management measures. curexus has its own team of experts on this critical factor for success. They can provide advice and support no matter what CRM technology you’re using.

Our data management portfolio of services covers the following areas of expertise

Analysis and consulting

Data cleansing

Data migration

Quality assurance

Before migrating your data to a new CRM system, our experts work with you to define what data quality means for your business. It’s not just about technical criteria such as duplication, formatting, and plausibility of data – it depends on your data strategy too:

  • What data do you need today and in the future in order to successfully manage your customers?
  • How can processes be restructured and redesigned to improve the flow of data?
  • What training do employees need?

In addition, we’ll also cleanse the data before the various repositories are consolidated in the target system during migration. We’ll program and monitor any interfaces that this requires.

We’ve developed our own quality assurance program for our customers in order to guarantee the quality of your data in the long term:

  • We compile a system of rules governing the processing of data.
  • We train your employees in using and maintaining data.
  • We help motivate your employees to secure the quality of your data.
  • We monitor the quality of your data constantly according to predefined metrics.

curexus recognized the importance of high-quality data for successful customer management early on. Accordingly, it has long-standing strategic partnerships with data specialists such as Uniserv and Ab Initio. Our customers benefit from data quality solutions implemented by experts and platforms capable of supporting highly complex, business critical applications for batch or synchronous processing.

Our software skills

curexus Data Quality Radar: Maintaining the high quality of your data

Our Data Quality Radar is a tool for monitoring the quality of the data in your systems at regular intervals. It’s an early warning system that detects negligence in data maintenance, circumvention of quality standards, and deficiencies in maintaining particular fields, allowing countermeasures to be implemented and the quality of the data to be safeguarded and improved over time

More information on our Data Quality Radar

Our cooperation partner Uniserv

Uniserv is an expert for successful data management. They provide Customer Data Management & Data Quality solutions in order to ensure that Data Integration works efficiently. From their headquarters in Pforzheim and their branches in Paris and Cluj, they support numerous customers such as Allianz, Deutsche Bank, eBay, EDEKA, E.ON, France Telekom, Lufthansa, Otto, Siemens, TUI and VOLKSWAGEN in their diverse project scenarios. More than 130 employees ensure that the owner-managed company continues to grow.

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