Build long-term, closer relationships with the supporters of your nonprofit organization.

Value-oriented rather than profit-driven action is becoming increasingly important in society. This is clearly reflected in the growing number of non-profit organizations. As a so-called third sector, they represent a significant part of our economy and society.

Custom-fit solution

We address your special requirements

Showing commitment together to achieve sustainable changes in different areas of society is more present than ever. The characteristic structure of non-profit organizations determines their specific requirements for process and system solutions.

Where also solutions from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or industry solutions are possible for other industries, we support our customers from the NPO segment exclusively with With a special offer, Salesforce specifically supports non-profit organizations with appropriate technology as part of their social commitment. In addition to ten free licenses per organization, Salesforce also offers other discounted services.

The adapted functionality of the Non-Profit-Success-Pack underlines the importance of the people interacting with the organization. We at curexus are long term Salesforce Partners and go along with these values to support non-profit customers in building and maintaining successful relationships. Together we ensure long-term satisfied employees, motivated volunteers and convinced donors.

Together with our partner Salesforce, we are committed to providing our customers with the best technology support to drive their mission for positive change.

Nonprofit CRM from Salesforce

There’s nothing more important than helping others – that’s why nonprofit organizations use’s nonprofit CRM solutions. They give you a single view of your interactions with customers, supporters, members, donors, volunteers, and partners. With Salesforce, nonprofits can strengthen relationships with their donors, reach more helpful supporters through effective marketing, engage the community, and automate internal processes to spend more time on the things that really matter.

On, nonprofit organizations receive large discounts on many Salesforce products.

Fundraising with RaiseNow

curexus supports your organization to increase the willingness to donate, to use donations efficiently and thus to implement the goals of your organization in an optimal way.

Together with our partner RaiseNow, we provide our non-profit clients with the complete package for donation generation and management. We enable the collection of donations across multiple digital channels and ensure that donations are compatible with all payment methods, regardless of location. A clear, bundled presentation of all relevant donor information provides our clients with an optimally applicable tool for generating and promoting long-term relationships with donors.

In addition to differentiating between regular and one-time donations as well as subsidies, earmarked allocation options can also be defined. Meaningful, real-time reports and forecasts enable our customers to keep track of their donations and to plan those efficiently. By mapping the complete donation process, we enable you to transparently display your fundraising and use of funds in order to meet your responsibilities towards donors.

Contact and member administration - For more helping hands

To enable you to pursue your mission together with your supporters, we make sure that you stay in touch with your contacts. Through professional contact management, the data of your contacts is stored securely, centrally and clearly arranged and can be retrieved quickly. In this way, you guarantee responsible handling of sensitive data and protect your organizations from data loss. Analysis and reporting tools can be used to forecast the interests and characteristics of potential contacts and thus help you gain new contacts for your organization. Various distribution functions simplify and automate target-group specific personalized addresses across different channels to maintain long-term relationships.

A broad information base for the cooperation with your donors, members, volunteers and business partners is ensured by maintaining a network of relationships and contact histories.

With the clearly arranged contact and member management and our efficient fundraising tool with donation generation and administration, we give you valuable time to focus on your primary mission.

Best Practice – Your needs are our focus

By matching the approach of our customers with the capabilities of the solutions we provide, we can identify individual needs and challenges. Step by step, processes are recorded and in close cooperation, the Salesforce solution can thus be adapted to your organization. Using a structured and systematical approach, we support you to transfer your data from one or more sources into Salesforce. In doing so, we continuously pay attention to data quality and quantity. A test phase allows you to specify your customization requirements and familiarize yourself with the system. If required, we provide your organization with various training offers.

If your organization needs additional functionality after implementing your personal Salesforce package, extensions are always possible. curexus accompanies you and your software solution in realizing your missions.

„The company name curexus reflects our intention to help. Thus we see ourselves as a consultancy with the responsibility to make a contribution to society by supporting those who bring about change.“

– Susan Pache, Managing Partner curexus GmbH

Customer testimonial
Foundation Humboldt Forum

Visitor services, marketing automation and social media management, as well as systems integration

Following extensive research and a call for tenders for a central, state-of-the-art CRM solution, the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss opted for Salesforce and curexus. In particular, the future-oriented possibilities of the platform and the professional support provided by curexus played a decisive role.

„For what is currently Europe’s largest new cultural project, we have been searching for a long time for a sustainable, scalable and functional solution for CRM, visitor service and marketing and, with the support of curexus, we have found it with salesforce. The comprehensive basis of the system in the standard, the scalability of the solution, the highly flexible customization options to meet our needs, and the exceptionally comprehensive expansion options convinced us.”

“With curexus GmbH, we also have a very experienced and constructive partner at our side, who perfectly organized the implementation of the system as well as the migration of our data, even though the very short timeframe of only a few weeks until going live was more than ambitious. Thanks to the great commitment of all project participants, the first stage of the implementation was successfully achieved.”

– Ute Behrmann / Divisional Management Visitor Services and Ticketing

Customer testimonial
Foundation Wings for Life

Optimizing donation analysis and contact management

For a long time, the foundation was looking for a holistic solution for a wide range of areas and finally found the perfect partners in Salesforce as a platform provider and curexus as a consulting and implementation service provider.

“We were looking for a solution that could help us with donation management, contact management, as well as event management.“

“Originally, we thought that this could only be solved with several systems, until we came across Salesforce. The modular structure, the intuitive handling and the multiple analysis options completely convinced us. In addition, with curexus GmbH we had a partner at our side who perfectly organized the implementation of the system as well as the migration of our data.”

– Peter Luckeneder / CFO & Project manager

Customer testimonial
from the largest online charitable donation platform in Germany

The end of data silos

„Initially, we recorded and tracked our leads – like many others – manually using Excel spreadsheets. Of course, this quickly pushed us to our limits,” says the HR manager, who was also responsible for finding a more suitable solution in addition to her role as HR manager. From a previous job, she was already familiar with’s program, which allows nonprofit organizations to use the Sales Cloud free of charge as part of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This was introduced in 2014 and has since been used by B2B sales to simplify and centralize sales processes.

“The biggest advantages for us were that we could finally eliminate our data silos and Excel lists and provide sales, customer service, marketing and management with a uniform data view.”

“The power of Salesforce was evident right from the start, because we were able to introduce the Sales Cloud within a very short time and train users very quickly in its operation.”

– HR Manager and Salesforce Manager

Customer testimonial
of a foundation for clean water as a basis for living

Optimize project work and donation management

In order to optimize project work as well as donor contact and donation management, the foundation had been looking for a suitable CRM system for a long time and found it with Salesforce:

„When I came across Salesforce and their Foundation program, I thought, this is exactly what we want and it gives us so much more opportunities. The simplicity and overview of Salesforce convinced us as much as the potential of the solution.”

– Founder of the foundation

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