How to ensure GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation continues to present companies with substantial challenges. A multitude of different communication channels and the differing individual interaction preferences of their customers make adherence to the GDPR without using an intelligent CRM system nearly impossible. While CRM systems constitute the foundation for adhering to regulations, they cannot satisfy all of the requirements completely – they need to be adapted to the specific needs of each company. To help your company implement the provisions of the GDPR, curexus has developed a technical, content-based solution. It can be applied and adapted to your CRM-System (e.g. Salesforce) at little cost.

They can help you come to grips with the following tasks:

Right to access information

  • Recording the lead source, lookup (assignment function) of the lead for campaigns and users (employees), date of lead
  • Direct GDPR reporting function
  • Right to transferability

Right to proof of consent

  • Consent to the use (or general refusal) of particular channels
  • Documentation of the source of the consent or refusal
  • Documentation of the opt-in, opt-out, and double opt-in channels with dates

Right to restrict processing

  • Documentation of the allowed and preferred channels
  • Documentation of processing purposes

Right to be forgotten

  • Automatic verification of the legal basis for data retention
  • Automatic deletion of data when the legal basis for data retention expires
  • Deactivation of the user: Deletion of the data or anonymization of non-deletable data

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