One goal. One way. One partner.

We share a single objective with our clients: making businesses more successful through intelligent Customer Relationship Management. This takes more than just technology. It takes a strategic focus of the entire company on management of its customers.

That’s why we always commence the journey to the CRM summit with a careful, detailed analysis of the status quo, thereby laying the groundwork for successful and efficient implementation. The result is a custom-tailored CRM strategy, a targeted approach to CRM technology, and a sustainable data management program.

Your CRM partner for everything from strategy to IT

curexus has specialized in customer-centric business management since 1995. As one of the leading consultancies for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we are your partner for digitally transforming business-critical customer processes in marketing, sales and service. From strategy to IT, we provide our customers with a full range of services from a single, professional source.

What curexus has to offer is just what it says on the box: CRM expertise of the highest order. As a CRM specialist, we have many years of experience and are experts in the fields of CRM consulting, CRM technology and data management. That is why we have made CRM our name.






Your own royal road to the CRM summit


Your CRM partner for everything from strategy to IT

What does the color green stand for?

The color green has a long history of significance in the world of business. It stands for growth, utility and reliability. Today, these values are central to the field of CRM, too.

One goal. Profitable CRM.

The color green also stands for stamina, growth, sustainability and economy. Qualities and virtues that we bring along as a CRM specialist.

One road. Your own royal road.

On the road to the CRM summit, the color green stands for a cautious, clever approach that leads safely to the top, one step at a time.

One partner. The CRM partner at your side.

The color green stands for classic virtues such as reliability, security and cooperation.

We'll get you safely to the summit – our values

curexus mission:

Implementing successful customer management in your company

Your benefits:

More sales, more profit, more-satisfied customers and employees.
We’ll get you safely to the summit of state-of-the-art customer management:


We're partners on our way to the summit together. We treat you like a partner, too. Our employees aren't just suits and ties – they're sympathetic and open consultants advising you on how to succeed. We cooperate transparently, keeping you informed regarding processes and coordination as well as contracts and costs. You always know what we're doing, how the project is proceeding, and what costs to expect.

Our actions are customer-oriented: You're at the focus of our thinking and doing. We don't simply work from a blueprint; we carefully consider your individual requirements to find a tailored solution to the challenges that you face.

As a partner for Customer Relationship Management, we'll stay with you all the way – true to our motto "from strategy to IT". The starting point is always a structured analysis to determine the areas of action necessary for the project to succeed.

Our team is agile in thought and action. We're always keeping an eye on the latest trends and innovations to see how they can contribute to your project. At the same time, we know from experience that projects are flexible structures that need to be constantly evaluated and adapted. Agile thinking and action are necessary to satisfactorily complete the project.

We design your CRM project to be as efficient as possible. This requires measurable goals (which we work with you to define at the beginning of the project) so that successes can be verified. To ensure long-term success, we stay with you even after implementation is complete: from qualifying the employees through securing the quality of the data all the way to smooth, steady operations.