Our Human Resource Management Principles

Challenge and encourage

Our human resource management principles are based on one simple imperative: Challenge and encourage give and take based on fairness and mutual trust.

Strong motivation

We want to encourage you to act in an entrepreneurial way. This entails delegating responsibility early on and demanding a high level of commitment from each employee. We also support our employees by offering them targeted training measures.

Management by objectives and dedicated training plans

Management by objectives is a central element of our human resource management practices. Individual and job-specific annual objectives are defined, prioritized and scheduled with an employee’s supervisors, resulting in specific training plans. We prefer to fill leadership positions in our organization from within our own ranks.

Performance-based compensation

In addition to earning a fixed income, employees share in the economic success of the company through a variable compensation model. Based on an annual company objectives agreement, all our employees participate in our company’s profit sharing plan.

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