Secure Lasting CRM Success.

The innovative solutions from curexus will lead your CRM project to success that endures – quickly and without a lot of complications. Begin by determining your degree of digital maturity in order to find the sphere of your digital activities and derive the fitting measures for your company.

Our solution for the technical implementation of the GDPR will help you deal with the data of your customers and potential partners in accordance with legal provisions. The curexus GDPR solution can be implemented directly in your CRM system (e.g. Salesforce) and adapted to suit custom requirements.

The Data Quality Radar is a tool for analysis and consulting in order to guarantee the quality of your data on a lasting basis. It evaluates essential quality criteria regularly; we can work together on any necessary corrective measures. Feel free to use our quick checkups to get an initial overview of the sphere of your digital activities free of charge.

Digital Maturity

  • Quickly determine the target state and the status quo of the customer journey
  • Integrate all stakeholders, including management, IT, sales, marketing and customer service
  • Plan measures for immediate operational implementation
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  • Implement the technical specifications of the GDPR in your CRM system
  • Easily integrate it into your existing CRM system (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Adapt the GDPR solution to suit your own custom requirements
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Data Quality Radar

  • Secure the quality (i.e. completeness, accuracy and currency) of your data in the long term
  • Regularly validate essential data such as addresses, contacts, activities, opportunities and services
  • Custom-tailored consulting and support
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