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curexus GmbH – Change of shareholder structure

Effective October 1st, 2017, curexus has two new shareholder. Apart from Susan Pache, who has been a shareholder of curexus GmbH since end of 2007 and who still keeps on holding 50% of the company’s shares, now is being joined by Dr. Jürgen Wolf with Wolf Consulting GmbH and Carl Rainer Finck with Casa Holding GmbH, both becoming shareholder of curexus GmbH and each holding 25% of the shares. Thomas Zeller, hitherto managing partner, has left the company due to private reasons effective October 2017.
“I am very pleased to further strengthen curexus’ position in the market of consultancies for digitalization by this joining of entrepreneurial forces and successfully continuing the 1995 started company history, now with an enlarged shareholder structure,” said Susan Pache, shareholder of curexus GmbH.
Dr. Jürgen Wolf and Carl Rainer Finck will add decades of entrepreneurial experience to the company. Dr. Wolf will support curexus’ customers in strategy advisory in all aspects of customer management and will also be active in customer acquisition for curexus. Carl Rainer Finck will get involved in the field of company organization. Susan Pache will continue to carry out her duties as managing partner.


curexus GmbH announces partnership with Aurea

In November 2015 curexus GmbH and Aurea agree to pursue a cooperative collaboration. Acquiring the majority share of update software AG Aurea became principal shareholder. In this process Aurea revised the partner management and made a selection from the existing partner landscape. curexus is part of this exclusive partner community and continues to accompany its update.CRM customers into the future within the newly acquired partnership.


curexus is an accredited apprenticing company of the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK)

For more than 10 years curexus has successfully trained apprentices as IT specialists for application development and system integration. curexus consequently banks on training and promoting own talents for successful and forward-looking business development. curexus wants to give young people the chance to develop their skills and to rise to meet the challenge. In this process they will be supported by experienced employees who also pass on hands-on business experience. As an accredited apprenticing company of the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) curexus puts social responsibility into practice and is committed to provide a systematic, hands-on and professional training.


curexus GmbH announces partnership with Uniserv

In January 2014 curexus GmbH and Uniserv agree to pursue a cooperative collaboration. With this partnership curexus complements its product portfolio with the increasingly important functional modules and services in the field of Data Management. Doing so, curexus deliberately relies on a company with a long tradition, doing business since 1969 and offering innovative and cost-efficient Master-Data-Management solutions especially for customer data, like the Customer-Data-Hub (CDH).


curexus GmbH becomes Salesforce Partner

In September 2013 curexus GmbH and agree to pursue a cooperative collaboration. The cloud-based CRM solution Salesforce is leading worldwide. can be referred to as the pioneer of cloud computing solutions. Founded in 1999 in California, USA, the company provides web-based business applications for sales, customer service and marketing and has more than 100,000 customers worldwide. The innovative cloud solutions are all designed in the context of communication networks and focus strongly on customer oriented action for more customer proximity and more customer attention. By adding Salesforce, the market leader for cloud-based CRM solutions, curexus extends its product portfolio.


curexus GmbH opens new office in Munich

In May 2013 curexus GmbH, a leading Customer Relationship Management consultancy, opens a new office in Munich, expanding its position in the CRM market.


curexus GmbH announces partnership with humanIT Software AG

In March 2013 curexus GmbH and humanIT Software AG agree to pursue a cooperative collaboration.
“View and alanyze all your seconds!” This is what InfoZoom from humanIT can render possible – also within highly complex data structures in CRM-projects.
With InfoZoom, curexus adds another excellent analysis tool to its existing product portfolio. Furthermore the CRM specialist also uses this comprehensive software for a conclusive dialogue during consulting and process analysis. This innovative approach is an important step towards reliable data quality right from the start.


curexus GmbH announces partnership with CAS AG and update software AG

In March 2013 curexus GmbH and update software AG agree to pursue a cooperative collaboration. Shortly thereafter, in June 2013, curexus GmbH and the CRM software house CAS AG announce partnership. Due to its highly qualified employees curexus obtains “certified partner” status in both partnerships. In this course the company grows to more than 50 employees.


Effective March 25, 2013, Stefan Rosenhagen has been appointed as authorized signatory


Staff added in Germany and Hungary

The steadily growing demand for CRM expertise is met by recruiting additional staff and the company grows to about 45 employees.


curexus GmbH emerged unscathed from economic crisis

Many companies suffered from the harsh economic crisis that overshadowed the years 2008 until 2010. Despite having been spun-off from parent company Siemens, curexus emerged unscathed from these times thanks to its sustainable customer relations and strong market position.


curexus GmbH opens representative office in Switzerland

In July 2009 curexus GmbH, a leading customer relationship management consultancy, opens a representative office in St. Gallen, Switzerland, expanding its position in the CRM market.


2008 curexus - new company name and new brand presence for evosoft business relations GmbH.

Having been successfully positioned in the CRM market for more than 12 years, the consultancy opens a new chapter in its history. On July 25, 2008 the company begins operating under the new name curexus GmbH. The company name, logo and imagery stand for Customer-Relationship-Management-Expertise at its best.


2008 evosoft business relations GmbH is the first Oracle Accelerate CRM solution provider for industries in the German-speaking world


Move to a new Nuremberg office.

In January 2008, the CRM service provider moves into its new “am Campussee” office in Nuremberg’s Nordostpark office park. The new, modern office provides about 600 square meters for further development and expansion of CRM activities.


Change of ownership at evosoft business relations GmbH

Susan Pache, managing director of evosoft business relations GmbH, acquires all of the CRM consultancy’s shares effective November 29, 2007. With this step, Susan Pache pushes ahead with the successful development of the CRM service provider, aiming to further strengthen its market position.


The company obtains "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" status


Staff added in Germany and Hungary

The steadily growing demand for CRM expertise is met by recruiting additional staff and the company grows to about 35 employees.


evosoft business relation GmbH is spun off under new management.

With the decision to concentrate the CRM business in a separate company, evosoft GmbH commits itself to CRM, its longtime core competence. The CRM competence center is outsourced to evosoft Industry Consulting GmbH, an existing subsidiary since 1998 which was inactive. The resulting CRM subsidiary of evosoft GmbH is then renamed into evosoft business relations GmbH. With the establishment of this CRM spin-off, the foundation for sustainable growth is laid.


The CRM business is integrated into evosoft GmbH.

evosoft customer care GmbH is re-integrated into evosoft GmbH as part of the reorganization of the evosoft-group. CRM business activities continue as a CRM competence center at evosoft GmbH.


The company obtains “Microsoft Business Solutions Partner” status


The company obtains “SAP Partner Services” status


The evosoft Softwarevertrieb GmbH is split into evosoft Holding and evosoft customer care GmbH.

The CRM expertise gained in over four years in the CRM business is concentrated in evosoft customer care GmbH, making it possible to expand the CRM business.


The company obtains “Siebel Alliances Partner” status


evosoft Softwarevertrieb GmbH is spun off from the A&D unit of Siemens AG.

As part of a transatlantic program of Siemens AG, the evosoft Softwarevertrieb GmbH is charged with positioning products of American companies (e.g. Scopus) in the European market.


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