Social Responsibility

At curexus, relationships between people are a major element of our work. This doesn’t only hold true in our day to day professional environment, but is also reflected in how we address our social responsibilities outside that environment. In particular, we seek to help children who are sick or who have grown up in an environment without the attention they needed to develop social competence and self-esteem something we view as an essential basis of meaningful social interaction. We therefore continually and intentionally invest in socially valuable projects such as:

Language as a Key for Integration – Donation for Language Trainings for Immigrants

Traditionally during Christmas season curexus gives away typical local gingerbread ("Nürnberger Elisenlebkuchen") to its customers and partners. Instead, in 2015 curexus decided to make a donation to a project funding language trainings for immigrants, supported by the Rotary Club Nürnberger Land.

„Language as a key for integration“. True to this motto the Rotary Club Nürnberger Land has been supporting language trainings for immigrants for about a year now. The possibility for quick integration is impeded because state-run language trainings often can only start after a certain time after immigrants arrive to Germany. This time gap is supposed to be closed by the language training project and more ways, in addition to state-run language trainings, shall be depicted.


Klasse2000 is Germany’s largest program for the promotion of health and prevention of drug abuse and violence in primary schools. The program supports children from first to fourth grade and relies on the cooperation of teachers, external health specialists and parents. Without placing blame, Klasse2000 strengthens children’s social skills, boosts their self-esteem and promotes a positive attitude to health. Klasse2000 makes staying healthy fun, the best way to prevent drug abuse and violence. This attitude is personified by Klaro, the Klasse2000 mascot who guides children through the program’s lessons.
Information about Klasse2000

Donations for sick children with leukemia

Oracle Sales staff painted a 120-meter long series of pictures, each meter of which can be purchased by partners and customers. The proceeds then go the British Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Fund. Naturally, curexus took part in this great project and purchased two meters of pictures.
Information about the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Fund  

Language as a Key for Integration