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What does the color green represent?

The color green was chosen after extensive research into the meanings and effects of colors. Green has always been associated with important characteristics in the business world. Most importantly, it represents growth, utility and reliability. These central values are also important in the context of CRM.

One goal. CRM that pays off

In relation to a goal, green stands for endurance, growth, sustainability and profitability. In the past, the term “green time” often meant a period of economic and cultural prosperity. Green is the color of thriving business and of spring, a season in which everything grows and prospers.

One way. The high road to the top

On your path to the best possible CRM, green represents a smart and prudent approach that brings you safely to your destination one step at a time. In this context, the meanings of the color green range from space for individuality and creativity to prudence and discretion.

One partner. The CRM partner at your side

Green stands for classical virtues such as reliability, security and partnership. These guiding values are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

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Your CRM-Partner from Strategy to IT.
The high (royal) road to the top.
Your CRM-Partner from Strategy to IT.