Ensuring long-term success in customer management with high-quality data management

A modern customer management system will only lead to greater loyalty among existing customers and additional new customers if the data in the system is up-to-date, free of errors, and relevant. To ensure that your investment contributes to your company’s success as quickly and sustainably as possible, you need long-term, professional data management. For this key success factor, curexus has its own team of experts who can advise and support customers regardless of the CRM technology.

The service portfolio includes the following competencies:

1. Analysis and consulting
2. Data cleansing
3. Migration
4. Quality assurance

Before your data is migrated to a new CRM system, our experts define with you what data quality means for your company. This involves not only formal criteria such as duplicates, format, and plausibility but also your data strategy. This means in detail:
  • What data do you need today and in the future to successfully manage your customers?
  • How can processes be restructured and redesigned to improve data flow?
  • What training do your employees need?
In addition, we also perform data cleansing before the various data sources are merged into the target system in the course of the migration, and we program and monitor all necessary interfaces.

In order to ensure data quality in the long run, we use our own quality assurance concept for our customers:
  • We create rules and regulations for the processing of data.
  • We train employees in the handling and maintenance of data.
  • We motivate employees to ensure data quality.
  • We continuously measure your data quality on the basis of defined KPIs.
curexus recognized the relevance of data for successful customer management at an early stage and maintains long-term strategic partnerships with data specialists such as Uniserv and Ab Initio. Our customers benefit from data quality solutions with the highest level of expertise and from platforms that also enable highly complex, business-critical batch and synchronous applications.

The curexus Data Quality Radar for sustainably high data quality

With our Data Quality Radar, we have a tool at our disposal with which we check the quality of the data in your systems at regular intervals. The principles behind this include early detection of problems such as careless data maintenance, circumvention of quality standards, and inadequate maintenance of certain fields, taking immediate countermeasures, and increasing the value of the data over the long run in this manner.

The Data Quality Radar was developed and implemented by the experts at curexus based on the practical experience gained from numerous CRM projects and the endeavor to offer our customers the greatest possible added value.

Using the Data Quality Radar, we analyze your data at fixed intervals such as monthly and discuss the evaluation together with you. Based on defined key performance indicators and trends over time, we can quickly identify where action is necessary and whether you are within range of the goals you have set.

Do you need to take action?

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Business Consulting &
Data Management
Member of the Executive Board
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