Laying the foundations for the success of your project

Since 1995, we have implemented numerous CRM success models for our customers. We use this experience to further optimize our competencies and thus our customers’ customer-oriented corporate management. One of our essential insights is that the success of a project essentially depends on the proper interaction of the following five dimensions:
A project will only be a success over the long term if these five dimensions are taken into account in equal measure in the project. Based on this knowledge, we provide our customers with a holistic approach to analysis and strategy development: the Customer Management Radar.
No less than 360 degrees for your digital customer management
The Customer Management Radar comprises the dimensions strategy, culture, process, data, and system. Each of these dimensions consists of analyzing the status quo in the company and addressing the fields of action in a targeted manner. In this way we lay the foundation for successful customer management.

Customer Management Strategy

Is your customer relationship management firmly anchored in the corporate strategy?

The CRM strategy always needs to be aligned with the corporate and sales strategy. Both specify what customer focus means and what processes, data, and functions are necessary for successful customer management. This alignment is important because the lack of essential system functions and setting them up at a later point usually not only costs more money but also leads to relevant employees rejecting the system and consequently not using it.

Customer Management Culture

Is your corporate culture designed in such a way that successful customer management is lived and breathed by everyone?

A holistic CRM strategy also includes directing towards the customer the thoughts and actions of all employees, including those who have only indirect contact with customers. Only if every employee acts in the interest of the customer can customer-oriented corporate management ultimately arise. This requires target-oriented change management that supports all departments in the company in implementing the CRM strategy in their daily work.

Customer Management Process

Are your processes in the company perfectly aligned with the customer in all relevant areas?

The processes from and to the customer should be developed across departments with all employees who are in direct or indirect contact with the customer. This is the only way to ensure that the desires and requirements of the customers will be incorporated into the design of the processes and that these processes will be modelled as simply as possible. In this way we create more efficiency in the customer relationship.

Customer Management Data

Does your data allow a 360-degree view of the customer?

Even the most modern CRM systems offer little added value and lose acceptance very quickly if the data is outdated, incorrect, or incomplete. It is therefore important to set quality standards and clean up the data prior to data migration. In addition, it is advisable to inform employees in a transparent manner about the high relevance of data quality for the company and the customer prior to data migration.

Customer Management Systems

Do the systems implemented in your company enable intelligent and state-of-the-art customer management?

CRM systems in companies today need to meet a wide range of individual requirements while fitting perfectly into the system landscape. It is therefore important to analyze the existing system landscape before introducing a new modern CRM system so that you know the system replacements, interfaces, necessary integrations, and requirements for rollout management and operation, for example. This is the only way to find the right system for your company.

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