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Since 1995, curexus has specialized in the optimization of customer-oriented management. As a leading customer relationship management (CRM) consultancy, curexus is your partner for digital transformation of your key business processes of marketing, sales, and service. As a one-stop shop, curexus supports its customers professionally from strategy to IT.

In order to implement this holistic service approach, we have specialized in three core competencies:
  • CRM consulting
  • CRM technology
  • Data management

CRM consulting

When starting a CRM project, we analyze the status quo with regard to strategy, culture, processes, data, and systems. In this way we meet the requirements for successful customer management in your company:
  • with a CRM strategy derived from the corporate and sales strategy
  • with a customer-focused corporate culture that is lived and breathed by everyone
  • with business processes that are 100% customer-focused
  • with qualitative data management that allows a 360-degree view of the customer and
  • with CRM systems that enable modern and intelligent customer management
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CRM technology

As an experienced consulting partner, we work with you to create a detailed catalogue of requirements before recommending a CRM system. This catalogue also includes criteria such as company and sales targets, CRM processes, and the existing systems in the company, of course. In this way we ensure that all stakeholders and the entire company can achieve their common CRM goals.

Thanks to its many years of experience, curexus can offer implementation, active and continuous further development, and operation and support as a comprehensive service package for various software partners including Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.
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Data management

An essential success factor of all CRM projects is data management. Even the technologically best CRM system is not efficient if it does not contain the relevant and current customer information or if the data is incorrect. For this reason, curexus offers qualitative data management specifically adapted to your individual needs.

Before migrating the data to your new CRM system, we analyze and cleanse it. With our Data Quality Radar, we have developed a tool that makes automated quality assurance of the data possible over the long term.
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