Life sciences is a rapidly developing industry

The healthcare industry sees cost and innovation pressure as the most important challenge

The health sector faces the constant challenge of not just meeting but outperforming disproportionately increased health policy, economic and technological requirements.

The purpose of many companies in the health and medical technology sector is to develop and manufacture products made of latest materials and to offer state-the-art health services – both in compliance with the strictest quality aspects. Genuine innovation combined with high quality of services and products, along with economic efficiency of their application, is the top priority. In order to remain successful in the future, companies in this industry must constantly change dynamically and adapt to the current state-of-the-art.

Companies in the life science sector need integrated and holistic solutions. Doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers face special challenges in customer service when it comes to personal well-being, the effects of drugs or complex medical technology. In the highly controlled life science sector with its numerous regulations, reliable information is required at any time – day and night and on all channels. Customers expect personalized support with a high level of competence and trustworthiness, rapid assistance and an overview at all times, even in critical situations, the protection of confidential data and compliance with regulations.

The customer is at the center of this changing world.

Customers expect your company to proactively meet all of their needs and to be able to interact at any time of day and in any channel. Solutions should be tailored to their individual past and current needs and not just deliver volume-oriented standard treatment plans.

This raises a crucial question: How can companies meet growing customer demands in an increasingly complex and highly regulated environment?

The first step is to put customers at the center of all business processes.


At curexus you will learn how to put this into practice with the help of modern CRM systems, such as Salesforce for example.

Customer example 1

For a leading orthopaedic manufacturer with over 100,000 products, the key to success in this new era is increased interaction with physicians using Salesforce solutions. Customer data from multiple systems is consolidated in the Sales Cloud. As a result, the company now benefits from greater insights into its lead generation and pipeline, as well as from the ability to monitor compliance with strict legal and regulatory requirements.

With the Salesforce1 Platform and the Salesforce1 Mobile App, employees can now access customer information on the go and use their mobile devices to explain vividly to surgeons and hospital staff how medical devices work in the human body.

Customer example 2

Employees of a pharmaceutical wholesaler use the Service Cloud to answer the more than 6,000 customer inquiries from various channels every day and to support doctors in retrieving and processing confidential prescription information and complaint forms.

Custom applications built with the Salesforce1 platform coordinate the company’s complex returns processes, flu vaccine orders, new business, credit and collections, and more. By automating the returns process, the company has reduced its turnaround time from seventy days to just three days. Customers are satisfied because they can manage their inventories more effectively, and the pharmaceutical wholesaler can return saleable products to the market faster.

Using Service Cloud communities, the company makes it easier for physicians, patients and payors (such as Blue Cross or Blue Shield) to quickly retrieve confidential information, process claims and reimbursements and take further action. This has reduced the administrative effort required by 95% and corrections that previously took three months to complete can now be made in just a few days. “Salesforce has greatly improved the flexibility of our business processes,” according to the pharmaceutical wholesaler’s CIO. “We can adapt to new business requirements or regulations within hours.”

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