Offer financial services that exceed your customers' expectations

With a CRM system for financial service providers, you can make lasting relationships by exciting your customers and partners with a service that is precisely tailored to their needs.

CRM for financial services is much more than just financial software. It is an online engagement system that allows you to manage and improve your customer relationships.

In other words, it’s ideally a cloud-based platform for financial advisors, banks and insurers that lets you innovate quickly and easily with innovative technologies and rich functionality.

Offer your customers a first-class banking experience

Access comprehensive customer profiles for all products and business areas of your bank. With a 360-degree view of the customer through Salesforce for Banking, your employees can win customers for life with first-class advice.

Meet the changing needs of modern policyholders

Encourage customer interaction and optimize service across all channels-with Omni Channel integration for social media, web, email, and more on a single platform through Salesforce for Insurers.

Build deeper customer relationships

Offer every customer exactly what they want: Maintain personal contact and build customer relationships that last for generations – with individual service and targeted planning.

Adjust to the customers’ individual life situations

Inspire your customers with a simple user interface, individual offers and personal consulting with smart software solutions for insurance and financial services.

Financial Service Cloud – 360-degree view of your customers

The Financial Services Cloud Platform of our long-standing partner Salesforce connects all data and technologies and offers a 360-degree view of your customers. You can build on existing data sets, create AI-based apps and optimize customer experiences – all with clicks and no code.

The Financial Services Cloud is the world’s leading customer loyalty platform, redesigned specifically for the financial services industry. It is the ideal starting point for insurance, banking and asset management companies to simplify and optimize internal processes. Many financial services customers also use the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to provide a unified experience for customers at all levels.

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