Your CRM partner for everything from strategy to IT

What curexus has to offer is just what it says on the box: CRM expertise of the highest order. As a CRM specialist, we have many years of experience and are experts in the fields of CRM consulting, CRM technology and data management. That is why we have made CRM our name.

The curexus success story


  • As a company certified by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) to carry out work-based training, we fulfill strict criteria that attest to the quality of our training. We put corporate social responsibility into practice, committing ourselves to providing well structured, professional, and practical training. As a result, we enable our trainees to start an independent, successful professional career.
  • curexus CRM consulting company expands management in April. Alongside Susan Pache, Dr. Jürgen Wolf takes on the role of Managing Partner, supervising the Sales and Partner Management divisions


  • As of October 1, 2017, curexus GmbH has two new Partners. In addition to Susan Pache, who has been a Partner at curexus GmbH since 2007 and retains a 50-percent share, now Dr. Jürgen Wolf of Wolf Consulting GmbH and Carl Rainer Finck of Casa Holding GmbH each hold a 25-percent share of curexus GmbH.


  • In November of 2015, curexus and Aurea agree to a strategic partnership. By taking over a majority share in update software AG, Aurea becomes the principal shareholder. Aurea restructures the Partner Management division and streamlines their partner portfolio. curexus makes the cut and becomes part of the new, exclusive partner community, continuing to serve their update.CRM customers.


  • curexus has over ten years of experience in training new IT specialists in software development and systems integration. To ensure successful, future-oriented corporate development, curexus trains and develops all of its talent in-house. curexus wants to give young people the opportunity to grow and develop by meeting and overcoming challenges. Experienced employees support them during the process, passing on their valuable practical experience. Certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) to carry out work-based training, curexus puts corporate social responsibility into practice by providing professional, well structured and practical training.
  • In January of 2014, curexus and Uniserv agree to a strategic partnership. Through this partnership, curexus enhances its product portfolio with modules and services in the increasingly important field of data management. curexus selects a proven partner, on the market since 1969, that offers innovative and cost-effective master data management solutions specifically for customer data, such as the Customer Data Hub (CDH).


  • In September of 2013, curexus and agree to a strategic partnership. Salesforce is the world's leading cloud-based CRM solution. can rightly be called the pioneer of cloud computing solutions. Founded in 1999 in California (USA), the company provides web-based enterprise applications for sales, customer service and marketing to over 100,000 customers worldwide. Its innovative cloud-based solutions are designed around communications networks and focus on customer-centric practices that ensure greater customer proximity and understanding of their needs. Through Salesforce, curexus enhances their product portfolio with the market's leading cloud-based CRM solution.
  • In May of 2013, as one of the leading consulting firms for Customer Relations Management (CRM), curexus GmbH opens a new branch in Munich, Germany, further consolidating its commanding position in the market.
  • In March of 2013, curexus and humanIT agree to a strategic partnership. "All your data at a glance and analyzed in seconds" – humanIT's product, Infozoom, provides fast, comprehensive data analysis, even for the highly complex data structures of CRM projects. With InfoZoom, curexus enhances their product portfolio with an outstanding module for analysis. The CRM specialists at curexus also use this convenient software to facilitate close cooperation during the consulting and process analysis phase. This novel approach is an important step toward attaining maximum data quality and validity from the outset.
  • In March of 2013, curexus GmbH and update software AG agree to a strategic partnership. Shortly afterward, in June of 2013, curexus and the CRM software maker CAS AG declare a new strategic partnership. Its highly qualified employees earn curexus immediate "certified partner" status with both companies. In this context, the number of curexus employees grows to over 50.


  • Continuing staff recruitment keeps up with the steadily increasing demand for CRM expertise. The total number of employees rises to about 45.


  • For many companies, the economic crisis from 2008 to 2010 brought severe hardship. Despite being divested by its parent company, Siemens, curexus manages to ride out the crisis on the strength of its customer relations and its excellent position in the market.


  • In July of 2009, as one of the leading consulting firms for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), curexus GmbH opens a new representative office in St. Gallen, Switzerland, further consolidating its commanding position in the market


  • Making a strong statement to cap off twelve years of strong positioning in the CRM market, on July 25, 2008, the CRM consulting firm changes its name to curexus GmbH. The new name, logo, and graphic design all stand for premium-quality expertise in Customer Relationship Management.
  • In January of 2008, the CRM service provider moves into new offices in the "Office am Campussee" complex in the Nordostpark quarter of Nuremberg. The new premises provide about 600 square meters (approx. 6,500 square feet) of modern office space for further expansion of the company's CRM activities.


  • Susan Pache, Managing Director of evosoft business relations GmbH, acquired all of the CRM consulting company's shares as of November 29, 2007, as part of a share deal. With this move, Susan Pache continues the successful campaign to grow and develop the specialist provider for CRM business processes. The company strives to expand its position in the market.


  • Continuing recruitment keeps up with the steadily increasing demand for CRM expertise. The total number of employees increases to about 35.


  • evosoft GmbH's decides to consolidate its CRM business in a separate company once more, thus making a clear commitment to its longtime core competency in CRM. The company's CRM Competence Center is spun off to evosoft Industry Consulting GmbH, a subsidiary founded in 1999 but inactive. This new CRM subsidiary of evosoft GmbH is renamed evosoft business relations GmbH. The spin-off of the CRM business lays the foundation for sustained growth.


  • evosoft customer care GmbH is reintegrated into evosoft GmbH as part of a reorganization of the evosoft group. The company continues to pursue its CRM business activities via the evosoft GmbH's CRM Competence CenterH.


  • Four years' worth of CRM expertise are brought together under the roof of evosoft customer care GmbH. Targeted efforts expand the CRM business further.


  • As part of a trans-atlantic program of Siemens AG, evosoft Softwarevertrieb GmbH is tasked with placing the products of American companies (including Scopus and others) on the European market.