Achieving individual CRM success with flexible and efficient project management

curexus relies on flexible cooperation with its customers. We are guided by the individual preferences of our customers and their existing company framework. Our employees are experienced in both iterative and agile project management methods, allowing them to deliver the best results.

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Our approach is characterized by flexibility together with low bureaucratic effort. The principles on which we base our cooperation include the following:

We are your CRM partner from strategy to IT. We advise, implement, and support you so that your CRM success is guaranteed over the long term.

Stakeholders are intensively involved during the entire course of the project, making changes possible at any time, even after the planning phase. Responding to change is more important than firmly adhering to a plan.

Functioning software has top priority but not without adequate documentation. Functioning software can only be efficient if the user knows how it works and developments remain comprehensible.

People and interactions have top priority, but in order to guarantee efficiency and transparency, appropriate processes and tools are also required. curexus works with the Scrum model, for example.