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Are you part of the referral network?

Technological trends, like easy mobile internet access through handheld devices and the innovative communication opportunities of social networks, forums and blogs, have opened the door to many new possibilities. They offer fast access to information about products and services, let people share opinions and experiences, and enable us to use others’ experience in our own decision-making. And it all happens without ever coming in contact with the provider of these products and services.

Today, user-generated content is drowning out industry-generated content to such an extent that marketing and sales are often no longer part of the referral network. Companies’ influence over customers, partners, suppliers and the entire business environment is undergoing massive changes.

These developments do not just affect marketing, sales and service as seen from the classic customer relationship management perspective. Social media can offer remarkable potential for recruiting activities and employee loyalty programs, but also for tasks such as measuring demand for better production planning and logistics coordination.

The challenges facing all companies, whether in a B2C or B2B environment, have risen tremendously because of fast technological cycles.

It's still about customer relations

This new world, which is described using buzzwords such as "social CRM", is not that fundamentally different from traditional CRM approaches:

It's still about customer relations!

These new communication channels are based heavily on dynamic interaction and therefore have a significant, cross-functional impact on established CRM processes. This in turn affects the customer experience throughout the entire life cycle.

Customer-orientation as a foundation

curexus’ social business relations portfolio takes the cross-functional impact of social networks on customer-oriented business processes into account.
social business relations - curexus consulting fields
curexus offers proven methodologies and best practices that range from the analysis of fields of action and campaign planning on to the integrated implementation of activities in social networks – all backed up by our profound CRM expertise.

curexus supports and guides you in focused, goal-oriented efforts to embed relevant social networks in your business processes. Our many years of experience and expertise in CRM methods and systems help you to integrate social media activities into your existing CRM processes and systems – and to avoid wasting money and effort on expensive isolated applications.

The curexus social business relations portfolio of consulting services:

  • Fact-based, objective analysis of your social presence
  • Strategy development, project consulting and project implementation
  • Tool selection, implementation and training
  • Integration into CRM-systems
  • Planning frameworks, methods and guidelines
  • Organizational adaptations, training and best practice sharing
  • Permanent criteria monitoring and reporting

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