Data Management

Many different terms and ideas are associated with data management – interface definitions, file mapping and handling "big data" as well as master data management and strategic data quality.

Today, almost every company maintains several systems that contain customer data. The requirements for modern data management grow relative to the increasing complexity of the IT infrastructure. However, there is usually a lack of a comprehensive master plan that includes clear standards and specification of data management responsibilities.

Departments need systems and data processing that can deal with increasingly complex tasks and requirements in less time. To meet this need, IT must address issues such as data storage, synchronization and the timely provision of data, as well as related legal regulations. Furthermore, company management often lacks suitable, authoritative key performance indicators which reflect the business model and necessary processes and which would serve as a basis for decision-making.

curexus has developed methodologies that help our clients to address this problem responsibly while meeting the needs of their management and different departments, as well as the requirements of their IT. To do this, curexus uses tools which are suited to this purpose, such as Infozoom InfoZoom from Human IT.

curexus focuses on CRM but also goes beyond it, helping you to generate information from existing data and visualize it..
"The era of data collection is over. It’s time to dig for gold."
Data Quality Dimensions in CRM
curexus offers a complete service package which includes both consulting and technology.

A selection of our service packages

  • Definition of data quality for your company
  • Strategic consulting regarding data quality
  • Data screening and reviewing
  • Continuous quality evaluation
  • Defining, compiling and testing KPIs
  • Validation of data in regard to
  • Contact data
  • Duplicates
  • Formats
  • Plausibility
  • Defining and monitoring interfaces
  • Migration of old data and systems
  • Creating and checking data processing guidelines
  • Optimizing data flows
  • Process design and redesign
  • Training

curexus has developed specialized starting tools that enable you to quickly and inexpensively answer the following questions:

  • What is the current situation of your company in regard to data management?
  • What data is available and in what quality?
  • How can valuable information be systematically generated from available data?

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