CRM OnDemand

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The market for CRM solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) is steadily becoming more established in the German-speaking world. Recent studies predict strong growth of SaaS solutions in the marketplace. CRM as SaaS is also known as CRM OnDemand.

What is CRM OnDemand?

The decision between CRM OnDemand and CRM and OnPremise is not centered on fundamental differences in CRM strategies but rather on the technical implementation of a CRM solution which supports the CRM goals. In contrast to traditional on premise CRM OnPremise, CRM OnDemand does not require the local installation of software. Instead, the software runs in a data center and users typically access the data and functions with a browser. Operation and maintenance of the solution is handled by the data center. Factors such as the prospective structure of the company’s IT infrastructure play a decisive role. A combination of OnPremise and OnDemand solutions may also be an option. With CRM OnDemand, businesses get access to CRM that is quick and inexpensive, yet professional.

Why CRM OnDemand could also be useful for you:

  • Offers fast access to CRM without requiring an extensive effort to integrate it into your existing IT
  • Conserves your infrastructure’s existing capacities
  • Operating costs are easy to calculate thanks to monthly leasing fees
  • No hardware or license acquisition costs
  • No need to add internal resources to operate the system

Key factors for successfully implementing CRM OnDemand

The same factors that are important for the successful implementation of a traditional CRM OnPremise solution are important for an OnDemand solution. It is essential that management get the support of the organization’s employees for the CRM strategy. This means that the CRM strategy must be clear and transparent and be communicated openly by management. The understanding and acceptance of the strategy’s goals is the factor that determines whether individual employees will support and take ownership of the strategy.

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