Aurea CRM

More than 30 years of CRM know-how have gone into Aurea CRM. The browser-based CRM software is focused on the optimization of business processes for marketing, sales and service. Its pre-configured industry solutions, broad adaptability and mobile CRM extensions, social CRM and integration into your existing IT infrastructure make Aurea CRM the ideal CRM application for your company.

User Experience / Process Optimization

Aurea’s flexible GUI allows the user to customize their personal workspace. They can adjust the GUI settings to show only those links and data records that are relevant for their daily work. The visualization of real business processes lets users easily identify with the system. Smart and contextual processes simplify data entry and the operation of standardized processes, leading to higher levels of user acceptance. Users maintain the system, thus facilitating the management of the company.

Industry Solutions

Specialized, pre-configured industry solutions reduce the effort required to customize and implement the solution and are available for financial service providers and for the construction and building supply, engineering and manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical engineering, and consumer goods industries.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM enables permanent mobile access to all relevant customer data, even on the road. Mobile CRM is a must for companies with mobile sales and service staff. This is the only way that the sales team can stay up to date everywhere and all the time.

Social CRM

New fields of customer interaction, like Web 2.0, require new CRM strategies. As the innovative state-of-the-art solution, Aurea CRM sets new standards in social CRM. With a new, holistic social CRM strategy, social networks, forums and company-owned communities will become an integral part of your CRM solution.

CRM Integration

Pre-built services simplify the integration of CRM functions into your application landscape, which could include numerous ERP systems for example. This means that customer specific data are constantly synchronized, no matter when you access them. Both modules, CRM.interface and CRM.webservices, are cross-platform SOAP and CML-based solutions, and enable data exchange with any XML-capable system such as Microsoft BizTalk.