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Our highly qualified and motivated staff are the foundation of our successful and future-facing company development. We’re always looking for dedicated, enthusiastic employees to help us maintain and expand our quality commitment in the implementation of our projects.

Seize this opportunity to enter a dynamic, rapidly growing career field distinguished by agility, efficiency and a culture of partnership. A diverse and interesting range of responsibilities and extensive career development opportunities await you.

Our Human Resource principles

A basic tenet of our human resource management is to make and keep our organization responsive. A responsive organization aims to learn and react quickly through the open flow of information, to promote fast experimentation and learning cycles, and to organize itself as a network of employees, customers and partners motivated by common goals.

Responsive organizations are adapted to dealing with a dynamic environment, which is often expressed with the acronym “VUCA”: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

curexus GmbH – The CRM consultants to drive your career forward

Our guiding principles of human resource management are the criteria for the success of our healthy responsive organization:

  • A transparent corporate strategy focused on markets and resources
  • Cultivation of relationships on a level playing field
  • Collaborative corporate culture
  • Capable employees
  • Adaptive corporate structure
  • Agile business processes

“Our employee management policy is founded on one simple principle: Challenge and support, give and take, in fair measure and in mutual trust. That sparks motivation!”

Susan Pache,
Managing Partner, curexus GmbH